Consulting Services

Joel Weisbrod began his Computer Consulting career with the founding of Multiple Technologies Inc. in 1979. After studying Electrical Engineering at Polytchnic Institute of Brooklyn, Joel embarked on a path to create sophisticated database software on computers available to the general public including the infamous Radio Shack TRS-80 Model III. Over the next 21 years, Joel built this company to thirty full-time employees with customers in more than 4 countries. Multiple Technologies Inc. merged into InfoSynch Inc. in 2001 and Joel retired in 2005. Joel continues to do consulting and programming work today.

Some of his major accomplishments include:

  1979 - 2005 = Creation and development of Pipedream software for undercar specialty shops including more than 700 Meineke Discount Muffler Shops around the world.
1984 - 2004 = Development of comprehensive database oriented software to manage large scale limousine companies with more than 100 cars and multiple locations. Using high-speed data connections, the software enabled the use of multiple call centers while maintaining a single integrated database of information about customers, reservations, billing, car dispatch, and more.
1982 = Development of software to manage Pharmacy Based Union Prescription Drug Plans.
1981 = Development of software to create Word-Seek puzzles from text-based lists of words for Penny Press in Norwalk Connecticut.

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