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Community Services Office
Dutchess Community College has been in Dutchess County for more than 50 years. We have the reputation of being the best community college in the state for academic excellence and the success of our graduates. Students who transfer to a four-year school after Dutchess do better and graduate at a higher rate than students who transfer from other colleges. Plus, we currently have the lowest tuition of any college or university in the state.
Our main campus is in Poughkeepsie, with a major extension site in Wappingers Falls. You can also take DCC classes at high schools throughout the county.

Red Hook Central School District
The mission of the Red Hook Central School District shall be to develop in its students the knowledge, intellectual integrity, and social consciousness to prepare them to accept the obligations and opportunities found in a complex society.  The District seeks to provide a challenging educational environment that fosters and rewards the values of respect, responsibility, honesty, integrity, and community service in all its members.

Banner Hill School of Fine Art
Banner Hill School is nestled in the shadows of Blackhead, Black Dome, and Thomas Cole Mountains in the Northern Catskills of upstate New York. Our brand new woodworking, ceramic, and fine arts studios are well lighted, airy and dustless….all part of a reclaimed pre-1850 hand hewed timber frame, that was timbered right here in the surrounding forests of the old Banner Farm. In our woodworking program we use indigenous woods that are timbered from managed wood lots.In our ceramic program we are equipped with a state of the art studio.

Midwest Photo Exchange has been family owned and operated for over 25 years. 

We do our best to offer the best of all worlds. Knowledgeable sales reps (we're all photographers,) competitive pricing, and customer service that is becoming rare in industries across the board. Bottom line, you can expect us to spend the time to answer your questions and get you set up with the gear you need. Our philosophy dictates making customers, not making a quick buck. None of the sales associates are on commission, so don't be surprised when we advise you spend less than you expected. Getting the right gear, at the right price, with a personal touch will have you shopping with us for years to come. 

3313 N. High St.
Columbus, Ohio 43202 
Phone: 614-261-1264 
Fax: 614-261-1367

A company that develops programming language tools for software developers

A comprehensive object-oriented software development environment for use in creating complete desktop and web-based database applications.

Quality doesn't need to be costly.
Our mission is to provide high quality products and excellent service at an affordable price. At AdoramaPix we use the most technologically advanced printers, top quality papers, and state-of-the-art software to provide you with the best product possible. Our expert technicians will even inspect your order to make sure it meets our exacting standards. Despite this white glove treatment, we manage to keep our prices competitive - making AdoramaPix one of the best deals in the industry.
A focus on the customer
We believe that our continued success lies in exceeding customer expectations not only through our quality, but through our responsive and personalized customer service. If you aren't completely satisfied with AdoramaPix products or services, just let us know and we'll do what we can to make things right. At AdoramaPix, your satisfaction is our goal.
Our promise to you
Together with our business and community partners, we work diligently to be the first choice for discerning photographers everywhere. We will always work hard to provide you with high quality printing and exceptional service at a reasonable price.
Here at AdoramaPix we're as passionate about pictures as you are, and when we make your pictures look good - we look good!

EZGenerator is an easy to use and powerful website building tool that creates complete websites which can be hosted anywhere!
All graphical elements & menu structures are automatically generated based on an impressive collection of over 2000 customizable graphical templates.

FL Studio lets you create your own songs and audio loops.
It comes with hundreds of sound effects, tweaking instruments and automated tools. It offers a piano roll, MIDI support, multi-out VST and VSTi support, multi-out DX and DXi support and multi-out Rewire support.

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