jwArtWorks LLC Official Policies

Errors and Omissions Policy

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of all information, images, prices, names, and details on this website. We apologize for any discrepancy of any kind you may find and hope that you will notify us so that we may correct it as necessary. If there is an error that affects the price paid for any item, jwArtWorks LLC will notify the customer as soon as the error is found or reported. If the incorrect amount paid is higher than the correct price, jwArtWorks will issue a refund to the customer. If the incorrect amount paid is lower than the correct price and the item has been shipped, jwArtWorks will take no further action. If the incorrect amount paid is lower than the correct price and the item has not been shipped, jwArtWorks will contact the customer and allow the customer the option of paying the correct price or canceling the order.

Shipping Policy

Most orders for unframed prints are shipped within 14 days from completed payment notification. Standard Sized Framed and Museum Wrapped Prints (11x14, 16x20, and 18x24) are shipped within 2-3 weeks from completed payment notification. Special Sized Framed Prints are shipped within 10 days after receipt of the custom frame order. Depending upon the style and size of the frame and image, this could take 5-6 weeks from completed payment notification. 

Return, Refund, Cancellation Policy

All prints are Limited Edition Giclees signed and numbered by the artist just before shipment to our customers. Therefore, we cannot offer refunds. Our policy limits exchanges to exact replacements of the same print using the same edition number and only if the print is damaged in production or shipping. In the event a damage for either of these reasons is detected, jwArtWorks must be notified within three days of your receipt of the product. In the case of shipping damages, original delivery receipt and all original packaging must be saved for inspection by the shipping company in order for us to process a replacement. In either case, the original print must be returned to jwArtWorks before we can ship your replacement.

Privacy Policy

jwArtWorks LLC collects information regarding your email address and some personal information if you make a purchase on our site or sign up for our email newsletters. This information is kept strictly confidential and for the sole use of jwArtWorks LLC and its employees. No information is sold or freely shared with anyone for any reason unless by legal subpoena from a recognized government approved institution or court.

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