On 8-20-2018 Ron from the ALB says:

So, how lucky I am to know Joel Weisbrod. Not only have I learned a bunch in his classes and on his photo workshops, but I also have a wonderful "I'm in a panic - who can I call that I know will help" resource! This is a great comfort and greatly appreciated. Thank you for your call back and help with my Lightroom Export issue for real estate photos - complete with a refresher on creating and saving an export profile to use from here forward. Thank you again for your help and your guidance.

On 2-16-2018 Scott from Pleasant Valley, NY says:

Thanks to Tom from Hyde Park and Luanne from LaGrangeville I have already taken three classes from Joel and will be taking Lightroom next.  Joel is not just a great instructor with an incredible passion for photography, but for sharing his knowledge with his students.  I honestly could not ask for a better person to help guide me into the world of photography, or guide you.  If you would like to learn more about photography or improve your understanding and skill of photography I am absolutely thrilled and always look forward to spending time with and learning from Joel.  Thank you Joel for providing me with the knowledge and tools, and helping me pick the best accessories to enable my journey into the world of photography to begin.

On 7-8-2017 Tom from Hyde Park says:

I bought a DSLR camera thinking I could follow the manual and watch some You Tube videos to understand my camera and photography. I was so wrong. After spending 2 months in total frustration trying to learn how to use my camera I signed up for Joel's Intro to Digital Photography. I quickly understood during the first class that I should have started here from the very beginning. After completing the first course I started to gain confidence in using my camera. I went on to take Advanced Digital Photography and then took a private Lightroom class. I felt that Joel had me fully prepared to enter the photography world with knowledge on not only my camera but also composition. 
I have found Joel to have a vast knowledge of photography but more important and endless amount of patience to explain it in clear and understandable way. Every question was answered and he takes the time to make sure the answers are understood by everyone. I particularly enjoyed the private lessons and would recommend them to everyone.

On 10-6-16 Carol from Clinton Corners says:

You would have to search high and low to find anyone as dedicated and willing of a teacher than Joel Weisbrod.  And even after searching, I am not certain that you would find someone who considers you a student "for life" and is always willing to go the extra "miles" to help you.  God has blessed Joel with a number of gifts and he willingly and joyfully shares those gifts.  Thank you, Joel.  I am thankful for you and so is Don!

On 10-8-14 David from Pine Plains says:

Took Joel's class and had a good time! I will take more classes.

Megan from Hopewell Junction says:

I wanted to be sure that you know how much I appreciate your conducting the Photoshop class. I have learned so much and I've really enjoyed your course, the materials and your teaching style. I kinow my skills are already improving thanks to you and I am looking forward to practicing & learning even more. Thanks again for a Photoshop course that was fulfilling beyond my expectations! I'm already having a blast playing with everything I've learned.

Luanne from LaGrangeville says:

Joel is the real deal! He will open up a whole new world to you regardless of your experience level. Not only can he teach you what settings you want to use for a particular type of shot, he can also give you all of the technical specifications behind why (if that is of interest to you).  I also truly appreciate Joel's willingness to give advice on purchases. So often we can get caught up in thinking that we need better equipment or new equipment to get the shots we want. Sometimes we do, but honestly, most times we don't. We need more knowledge on how to use the equipment we already have...with that said, time for this testimonial to be over because I am headed to JW Artworks for a private lesson!!!

Thomas from Poughkeepsie says:

I was getting frustrated with my photos of family summer vacations for the last ten years and had no clue how to organize and save them in a presentable manner.  I was happy when I saw photography and editing classes being offered at DCC. I immediately signed up for it and I was lucky to be in the class taught by Joel Weisbrod.  He knew his subject so well, and all his students were able to profit from his knowledge.  He is very practical – being a professional photographer for many years and continuously doing professional photo editing.  I took both basic and advanced photography as well as Lightroom editing classes with Joel. He is very patient and his teaching method benefits anyone as he patiently explains the subject until every one understands.  He also offers extra hands-on outdoor photography classes to help students practice what they learned in class.  I am re-taking the Lightroom class in a private class setting with another student.  I am sure within next few months I will have all my ten year vacation photos perfectly edited and saved in  dvd format.  Joel Weisbrod is the best teacher we have in Dutchess County/Hudson Valley.  For anyone to learn photography and editing, he is best person to go to.  Even though he is a well seasoned professional in both fields, his technique, patience, and ability to explain everything in a concise and clear manner makes the class so simple that even a beginner will benefit from his teaching method.

I am so happy that I found him.   [1/30/2014]

Robyn from Hyde Park says:

Currently, I have taken two classes and two field trips with Joel Weisbrod. In my experience, I have never had a teacher who was so willing to bend over backwards for his students. I love that Joel is willing to help his students any time or day of the week. I always recommend his classes to anyone I met who expresses an interest in photography. Even after I have taken all of Joel’s classes, I will continue to take his field trips for as long as he offers them.   [01/30/2014]

Pam from Millbrook says:

The photography courses that I have taken with Joel Weisbrod at Dutchess Community College have been a great help to me both professionally and personally.   [1/14/2014]

Rosemary from Poughkeepsie, NY says:

I have taken several classes with Joel, both in a multi-student and private setting.  These experiences have been beyond my expectations.  Joel is quick to share his vast knowledge of photography and the latest technology available to enhance the art.  Joel, perhaps most importantly, is patient.  His students display a wide range of abilities, yet he treats each with the same respect and commitment.   I would recommend Joel to anyone who loves the art of photography and wants to expand their talents for professional purposes or just for the fun of it.    [12-22/2013]

Tom from Poughkeepsie says:

After only four classes (and one field trip) I can honestly say this is one of the best classes I have ever taken.  Totally enjoyable and informative.  Joel is a true expert and always willing to share.  There is so much to know in digital photography but working with Joel will make it a bit easier.  And more fun!  I highly recommend Joel's classes and plan to take more.  [12-15-2013]

Kathy from Tivoli says:

I've never had such a fascinating and enriching experience with photography as gleaned through Joel Weisbrod's classes. [12-5-2013]

Valerie from Hyde Park says:

the best present my husband gave me, was to sign me up for  Joel Weisbrod's photography classes. [12-4-2013]

Marilyn from Chatham says:

Great Class! Can't believe how much I learned. Keep up the great work and I am sure I will take another class soon.

Carolyn from Albany says:

I really enjoyed taking your class. I am amazed at how much more I can do with my camera since I learned how to use it. Your passion for photography was contagious and I now take my camera everywhere I go. Thanks!

Susan from Middletown says:

After a few months fighting to use Lightroom, I finally found your website offering private lessons and boy am I glad I did. I was ready to throw the computer in the river before the class and now I am loving Lightroom. It is a great program and now that I know how to use it, my photos are looking better and better.

John from Germantown says:

I took your advanced class and probably should have taken the Introduction class. I learned alot but I still need to take the Introduction class so I can learn to use my camera. I hope I will have the time to take the class the next time it is offered.

Kari from Poughkeepsie says:

I never realized how many things I could do with my camera until I took Joel Weisbrod's class. Now I really do "Know what all the buttons do" on my camera and look forward to taking some other classes with him.

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