Current Photography Courses

Introduction to Digital Photography

This course introduces basic photographic techniques and gives students a better understanding of how to use their digital cameras. Topics covered include photography fundamentals, digital camera functionality, and techniques in the art of photographic composition. It is recommended that you bring your digital camera, camera manual, and accessories to class.
Workbook Fee: $20.00 Cash to Instructor
Learn about:
·       Camera Menu Setup, Controls, and Buttons
·       Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, White Balance
·       Exposure Reciprocity, How to Set your Camera
·       Focus Modes, Focus Targets, Focus Priority
·       Depth of Field, Blurring the Background
·       Metering Modes, Histograms, Holding the Camera
·       Flash Equipment, Flash Photography
·       Filters, Batteries, Tripods, Monopods
·       Rule of Thirds, Golden Ratio, Camera Angles
·       Basic Composition, Action Photos, Techniques
·       More…

Advanced Digital Photography

Workflow & Preparation for Editing

This course covers the basics of organizing your digital photographs for editing. It is for anyone who wants to learn techniques for organizing, storing, and editing their “growing” collection of digital images. The class will cover editing terminology, suggested workflows, and demonstrate some basic editing techniques using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe LightRoom, and ACDsee Photo Manager.

Workbook Fee: $20.00 Cash to Instructor
Learn about:
·        RAW vs JPG Photography
·        Color Space, Gamut, RGB vs CMYK, Display vs Print Colors
·        EXIF and IPTC information in Your Photos
·        Organizing Photos on your Hard Drive
·        Protecting against Hard Drive Failure
·        Choosing the Correct Software for Editing / Managing
·        Standard Photographic Editing Workflows
·        Different Photo Shooting Techniques for Editing
·        Interpreting and Using Histograms
·        Photo Editing Terminology – What happens when you
            o   Saturation, Exposure, Vibrance, Clarity, etc.
            o   Sharpening, Noise Reduction, and much more.

It is highly recommended that students complete “Introduction to Digital Photography” before enrolling in this class.

The Art of Photography

This course addresses terms including the Rule of Thirds, Golden Ratio, and Golden Spiral and shows how to improve photographs so they look more professional. The student can expect to learn the difference between taking pictures, taking photographs, and creating art. Students will bring their own camera to class.
Workbook Fee: $20.00 Cash to Instructor
Learn about:
·       What is a Photograph
·       Artistic Responsibilities of the Photographer
·       Review of Exposure, Depth of Field, Histograms
·       Review of Flash Photography and Techniques
·       Fibonacci Series, Golden Ratio, Rule of Thirds
·       Basic Composition Rules and Techniques
·       Composition for Groups
·       Composition for Action Shots
·       Quality of Light
·       Shooting Better Landscapes
·       Advanced techniques for:
          o   Sunsets, High Dynamic Range
          o   Rear Curtain Sync, Soft vs Hard Flowing Water
          o   Portraits, Children, Flowers, Insects
          o   Using Diagonal Symmetry
          o   More…

Introduction to Adobe Lightroom

This introductory course covers essential topics for Lightroom users. Students taking this class will gain an understanding of Adobe Lightroom terminology, workflow, and more. This class focuses on the Library and Develop Modules. Students will get a brief introduction to the Map, Book, Print, Slideshow, and Web modules.
Workbook Fee: $40.00 Cash to Instructor
Learn About:
·       Understanding Lightroom Catalogs
·       Setting Lightroom Preferences
·       Customizing and Using the Lightroom Desktop
·       Customizing and Using Lightroom Toolbars
·       Creating and Using Lightroom Collections
·       Importing and Exporting Photos
·       Improving Photos using Lightroom Editing Techniques
·       Editing techniques using Lightroom tools
·       Mastering Lightroom Editing Tools
·       Creating and Using Lightroom Presets
·       Using Lightroom Flags, Color Labels, Rating Stars
·       Using Lightroom Filters
·       More…  

Students will need to bring a laptop to class with a licensed copy of Adobe Lightroom (Version 5 or newer).

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

Students taking this class will gain an understanding of Adobe Photoshop terminology, master the majority of Adobe Photoshop Tools, Filters, and Layer based operations, and learn to improve digital photographs using Photoshop editing techniques.
Workbook Fee: $40.00 Cash to Instructor
Learn about:
·       Photoshop Terminology
·       Customizing the Desktop and Setting Preferences
·       Choosing, Moving, and Using Panels
·       Creating and Using Layers and Blending Modes
·       Using Photoshop Tools
·       Making and Refining Selections
·       Editing Using Layers, Layer Masks, and Tools
·       Adding and Manipulating Text, Using styles
·       Creating and Merging Images
·       Customizing Photoshop Tools
·       Photoshop Filters and the Photoshop Filter Gallery.

Students must have a laptop with a licensed copy of Adobe Photoshop version CS4 / Elements 10 or newer when taking this class.

Students with Adobe Photoshop Elements taking this class will not be able to perform all the same exercises as those with the full version of Photoshop due to the limitations of the Photoshop Elements software but will learn to use the tools they have in Elements.

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