Photography Courses

Joel Weisbrod has been teaching courses in Photography for more than seven years. In addition to teaching classroom education sessions, he specializes in one-on-one training in any area of photography. Whether you choose an existing course or ask for a personally customized course, we are sure you will be satisfied.

Course Options

Classroom Training

Joel is currently teaching regularly scheduled classes in three different schools. The classroom environment lends itself to some interactive discussions among the students as well as a fixed curriculum.

These classes usually meet for several independent sessions giving students time to practice what they have learned. There is always plenty of time for questions and each session includes a review of the prior session to make sure the concepts taught are fully understood.

Each course has a comprehensive workbook to help students follow along during class and review the material after the class.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are usually arranged in hourly blocks and the time needed depends on the material covered and students speed of grasping the concepts presented.

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